Best smart home devices for home automation

Home automation offers numerous benefits that can greatly enhance the comfort and convenience of our daily lives. This means we can easily adjust the temperature, turn on/off lights, and even lock/unlock doors from anywhere in the world. With home automation, our living spaces become more efficient, secure, and tailored to our individual needs and preferences.

Smart speaker

If you don´t have a smart speaker yet you´ll understand why so many people love them once you get it.

A smart speaker can be bought based on your preferred voice assistant but in general it is a very useful device that will try to help in all your digital needs.

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A smart thermostat will allow you to change the temperature of your house without having to stand up, it normally comes with an app in which you can easily adapt the settings. It also allows you to have control over the temperature specially useful for when you have little kids.

Smart thermostat

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Smart lightning

As you´ve probably already guessed smart lightning allows you to turn on and off lights just as in the movies, depending on your necessity you can have multiple queues to activate the lightning.

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A smart plug not only lets you control the electricity flow to the plug which will permit you to turn on and off different devices around the house, which can be extremely useful to have things ready for you like your coffee or fan even your smart speaker.

Smart plugs

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Ring camera

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A ring camera is very useful to check who is outside your house, as it normally comes with a app that will also warn you of any movement.

A smart lock is very useful in multiple situations, firstly you will be able to open your locks without keys and furthermore open it from any place this way allowing people to access your place if you are in a trip or not able to open it in person, this will also reserve you the need of a spare key.

Smart lock

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Smart home hub

A  smart home hub is a very useful tool, it acts as a mediator with all the intelligent devices in your home, sometimes this devices don´t have the same connection method so in between themselves they aren´t compatible but with the smart home hub that problem is solved 

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A smart smoke detector is a very straight forward device, it detects smoke particles that way preventing any upcoming fire. Some of this smoke detectors where also turned on by steam but that problem has been fixed in many models by adding a humidity detector.

Smart smoke detector

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Smart vacuum

This list wouldn´t be completed without a smart vacuum, it is a very handy tool that will save you time specially when the floor isn´t dirty enough to be cleaned but not clean enough for it not to be cleaned, besides now it is more automated than ever, many are able to map your house an in that way clean it better.

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