Equipment and accessories you need for outdoor photography

Outdoor photography is a captivating art form that captures the beauty of nature and the world around us. It allows us to showcase the breathtaking landscapes, vibrant colors, and intricate details. The natural lighting and elements create a unique atmosphere that adds depth and character to our photographs.

Outdoor photography enables us to convey the essence and charm of each location. It is a wonderful way to immortalize moments in time.


As you would imagine you need a camera to be able to part take in outdoor photography.

A good camera is essential to be able to take those crispy and remarkable pictures, for now without thinking about a budget we recommend the Sony Alpha A7R IV. For further information you can check out our blog in the best camera for outdoor photography. 

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Light is one of if not the most important thing about photography, and this is the purpose of the neutral density filter, it allows you to play with the light so you are able to take a better picture. A natural density filter reduces the intensity of all colors in this way being ideal for very sunny days.

ND filter

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Remote flash trigger/ Off camera flash

As we have already established lightning is very important this is why off camera flash is so useful, it will help you have more flexibility when taking your photos, a off camera flash is a it´s name suggest a flash that can be placed anywhere thus it will always accommodate to your needs.

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For the same reason as the ones before the lens hoods help manipulate light. They prevent direct sunlight from entering into the lens which would create less contrast and ruin your shot.

Lens hoods

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Macro Lens

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A macro lens can focus from the minimum focus distance of your camera up to infinity, this will allow you to take the best photos of your closest and smallest objects.

In the other hand photo lenses will allow you take very far away pictures with the best quality, allowing you to have any target for your picture, this feature is particularly famous for smartphones and although the quality of the lens is very dependent on the one you chose but in any case it is a very useful tool to have.

Telephoto Lenses

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A GPS is a device that allows you to know your exact location at any given moment which allows you to go into unimagined locations without ever getting lost. With this you can go to the deepest and thus purest of places and come back in one piece. 

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A Gimbal Stabilizer is a tool which allows you to stabilize your camera to take smooth and steady videos while walking or hiking, so it will be very useful to record your full trip.

Gimbal stabilizer

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